Specifications Table for ADEQ-C / ARXS-L3

Indoor unit ADEQ35C
Outdoor unit ARXS35L3
Cooling capacity Nom. kW 3.40 (1)
Heating capacity Nom. kW 4.00 (1)
Power input Cooling Nom. kW 0.920
  Heating Nom. kW 1.01
Space cooling Capacity Pdesign kW 3.40
  Energy efficiency class   A+
  SEER   5.70
  Annual energy consumption kWh/a 209
  A Condition (35°C - 27/19) Pdc kW 3.40
    EERd   3.69
    Power input kW 0.920
  B Condition (30°C - 27/19) Pdc kW 2.51
    EERd   5.25
    Power input kW 0.480
  C Condition (25°C - 27/19) Pdc kW 1.83
    EERd   7.86
    Power input kW 0.230
  D Condition (20°C - 27/19) Pdc kW 1.71
    EERd   10.3
    Power input kW 0.170
Space heating (Average climate) Capacity Pdesign kW 2.90
  Energy efficiency class   A+
  SCOP/A   4.00
  SCOPnet/A   4.23
  Pdh Heating capacity at -10° kW 2.47
  Annual energy consumption kWh/a 1,015
  Required back up heating cap at design conditions kW 0.430
  TOL Tol (temperature operating limit) °C -15
    Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 2.30
    COPd (declared COP)   1.84
    Power input kW 1.25
  TBivalent Tbiv (bivalent temperature) °C -7
    Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 2.57
    COPd (declared COP)   2.53
    Power input kW 1.02
  A Condition (-7°C) Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 2.57
    COPd (declared COP)   2.53
    Power input kW 1.02
  B Condition (2°C) Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 1.56
    COPd (declared COP)   4.35
    Power input kW 0.360
  C Condition (7°C) Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 1.19
    COPd (declared COP)   4.67
    Power input kW 0.250
  D Condition (12°C) Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 1.40
    COPd (declared COP)   5.80
    Power input kW 0.240
Pto (Thermostat off) W 0.5000
Power consumption in other than active mode Off mode POFF W 12.5
  Standby mode Cooling PSB W 12.5
Cooling Cdc (Degradation cooling)   0.25
Heating Cdh (Degradation heating)   0.25
Cooling function included Yes
Heating function included Yes
Average climate included Yes
Cold season included No
Warm season included No
Ecolabel logo No
Eurovent Sound power level outdoor Cooling Nom. dBA 61
  Sound power level indoor Cooling Nom. dBA 60
Current Nominal running current (RLA) - 50Hz Cooling A 3.1
Current - 50Hz Maximum running current A 15.0
  Maximum fuse amps (MFA) A 16
Notes Nominal efficiency: cooling at 35°/27° nominal load, heating at 7°/20° nominal load
  EER/COP according to Eurovent 2012, for use outside EU only
  PED: assembly = category l : excluded from scope of PED due to article 1, item 3.6 of 97/23/EC
  Minimum Ssc (=Short-circuit power) value: Equipment complying with EN 61000-3-2
  See separate drawing for electrical data
  Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases