Water cooled centrifugal chiller, high efficiency, standard sound



Product Features

  • No friction loss, no oil contamination, no additional oil management systems and an increased equipment life thanks to the magnetic bearing technology
  • Totally oil-free operation resulting in reduced maintenance costs and increased reliability
  • Compact footprint through stacked heat exchanger lay-out
  • HFO R1234zeE Refrigerant with Ozone Depletion Potential equal to zero and extremely low Global Warming Potential
  • MicroTech III controller with superior control logic and easy interface
  • Excellent part load efficiency
  • Increased installation flexibility thanks to limited dimensions
  • Easy handling: thanks to its compact size, it can easily pass through the doorway
  • A wide portfolio of options is available to meet different requirements.
  • The compressor vibration levels are extremely low as a result of the high-speed design


  • Centrifugal compressor

    Centrifugal compressor

    Centrifugal compressors use an impeller and volute section to convert the velocity energy into pressure energy. Centrifugal compressors are designed with either optional variable speed drives (VFD) for superior part-load performance for single or dual com

Technical details