VRV IV heat pump, optimised for heating


Where heating is priority without compromising on efficiency


Product Features

  • By choosing this product with Certified Reclaimed Refrigerant Allocation you support the reuse of refrigerant
  • Specifically developed for heating operation in low ambient conditions, making it suitable for single source heating
  • Stable heating capacity down to -15°C, thanks to vapour injection compressor
  • Extended operation range down to -25°C in heating
  • Wide range of indoor units: possibility to combine VRV with stylish indoor units (Daikin Emura, Perfera)
  • Incorporates VRV IV standards & technologies: Variable Refrigerant Temperature, VRV configurator, 7 segment display and full inverter compressors, 4-side heat exchanger, refrigerant cooled PCB, new DC fan motor, ...
  • High reliability in severe conditions, thanks to hot gas bypass circuit in the heat exchanger
  • 15% increased heating capacity at high relative humidity (2°CDB/1°CWB and RH=83%) vs previous model
  • Shorter defrost and heat up time, compared to standard VRV heat pump
  • Covers all thermal needs of a building via a single point of contact: accurate temperature control, ventilation, air handling units and Biddle air cutains
  • Customize your VRV for best seasonal efficiency & comfort with the weather dependant Variable Refrigerant Temperature function. Increased seasonal efficiency with up to 28%. No more cold draft by supply of high outblow temperatures
  • Already fully ErP 2021 compliant (LOT 21 - Tier 2)
  • Free combination of outdoor units to meet installation space or efficiency requirements
  • High external static pressure (up to 78.4Pa) allows indoor installation
  • Simplified installation & guaranteed optimal efficiency with automatic charging & testing
  • Easy compliance with F-gas regulation thanks to automated refrigerant containment check
  • Wide piping flexibility: 30m indoor height difference, maximum piping length: 190m, total piping length: 500m


  • Inverter


    Inverter compressors continuously adjust compressor speed to actual demand. Fewer power-consuming starts and stops result in decreased energy consumption (up to 30%) and more stable temperatures.

Technical details


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