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There's more in a Daikin Day

More innovation, more growth, more responsibility, more diversity, more respect and more fun.
At Daikin, we believe that you should enjoy every day to its fullest.

Inspiring innovation

Inspiring innovation

Are you as determined as we are to find solutions? As a market leader in energy efficiency, we believe our progressive approach to product development delivers an unparalleled quality and versatility to our integrated solutions.

Developing careers

Personal development

We believe top-quality products and services are delivered by talented individuals. That is why we choose to invest in personal development and offer opportunities for growth throughout your career.

Community Careers

Daikin community

It's important to have fun at work.
Conviviality and teamwork make for strong connections between colleagues.
Join some fun activities organised by our Daikin Entertainment Team and you will immediately feel at home.


International Traineeship

Are you a recent graduate with international ambitions? Daikin Europe's International Traineeship offers select participants the opportunity to gain international experience paired with extensive training to jumpstart their careers at Daikin.

Talk with our talent

  • Veerle

    ‘At Technical Services, our job is to solve problems and answer any technical questions from customers abroad. Our department embodies three key values: speed, reliability and friendliness. We work hard to ensure that we put these values into practice everyday. For us, it’s important to be a dependable support system for our customers.'

  • Bert

    ‘Maintaining open communication across borders is essential for a multinational company. As a member of Daikin’s EMEA Digital Marketing Team, I often travel to affiliate offices abroad to share our communication materials with them. During these visits, I am reminded of Daikin’s strong company culture, as I work with people who are not only the best in the business, but also have fantastic team spirit.’

  • Bas

    ‘Daikin is a progressive company, not only in technology but also in HR. I started as an intern, and two years later became a full-time employee working as a supervisor in production. The opportunity to develop my experience in an administrative role and earn a spot on the Production Supervisor Team, gave me the diversity and flexibility I was looking for in my career.’

  • Jonas

    ‘Becoming an International Trainee at Daikin gave me a head start in finding the best role for me at the company. The advantage of being an International Trainee is the opportunity to work with different departments, including our headquarters in Ostend, Belgium, and at affiliate offices abroad. As a Consulting Sales Engineer for the European and African market, I apply the skills and experience from my traineeship to take on new and exciting challenges everyday.’

  • Lynn

    ‘I started in 2011 at the Supply Centre, but I soon became more interested in the technical and project side of the business. Because Daikin encourages internal rotation, I made the decision to switch to the IT department. This ended up being a great move, as it allowed me to focus on personal growth and develop my position in the company.'

Add your talent

We look for unique individuals to contribute their talents to our growth and leadership.

Your talent

  • Determined to find solutions
  • Seek opportunities to enhance personal growth
  • Respect yourself and others
  • Desire to promote sustainable development 

Our strengths

  • We are international. As the EMEA headquarters, we are a melting pot of backgrounds and nationalities, with a strong connection to our Japanese heritage.
  • We are pragmatic. We stimulate an entrepreneurial spirit and inspire our employees to develop their own careers.
  • We are respectful. We offer opportunities for you to evolve and grow due to our extensive training programme, on-the-job coaching and the flexibility to rotate between jobs to fulfil your own ambitions.
  • We are the market leader. As the number one innovator within our industry, we offer you stability and a wide playing field of job opportunities.

Apply for a vacancy and add your talent

We are always looking for new colleagues to add their talents. Explore our current vacancies and apply online.

Are you looking for a career opportunity? 

Are you a young graduate with international ambitions? 

Are you a student looking for a challenging internship?

Are you the ideal Daikin Employee but don't see a vacancy that reflects your expertise?

Submit your CV as an open application, because we are always recruiting innovative employees!

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Find more information

Need help?

Find more information

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