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International Key Accounts (IKA)

Supporting your business, every step of the way

The international business world tends to be very complex for most companies. And at Daikin, we would like to make these daily business operations a bit easier. That’s why we created the International Key Account Team (IKA): a dedicated team of leading experts in the field of business and retail, that are ready to help your company navigate the HVAC-R industry and achieve optimal, year-round comfort and air quality for your customers.

Your international business partner

Operating from our European headquarters, our IKA team serves as your main point of contact to conduct all international business opportunities. Relying on a worldwide network of colleagues and partners from various sectors, our team can help your company gain a competitive advantage by offering efficiency, transparency and flexibility to your business strategies.

Efficient Installer
Efficient Installer


Save on time and money to increase your operating profit.

  • Short and simple communication throughout the project cycle
  • We offer a selection of highly efficient HVAC-R solutions
Transparent Business
Transparent Business


Receive the best insight to make smart business decisions and meet the needs of your company.

  • Receive support on how to optimise the life cycle cost of your HVAC installation
  • Guidance on the latest local and governmental regulations
Flexible partnership
Flexible partnership


Enjoy flexibility in our partnership, as we offer tailored strategies to meet your needs.

  • From design to after-sales, your business will receive extensive support to meet all of your needs on an international level
  • Best value procurement plans, including volume recognition
Uniform business
Uniform business


Harmonise your way of working in all markets by standardising your HVAC-R design criteria and purchase flows.

  • Access to a wide network of reliable Daikin certified installers and trusted service partners
Sustainable Business

The added value of sustainability

Creating a sustainable business means focusing on the long term, and its not just our customers that are thinking more and more about the long term - we are too.

Our IKA team is currently monitoring more than 800 sites across Europe. That means plenty of real data about energy consumption, repair costs and maintenance fees for several different applications. With this data, we are able to deliver a realistic and comprehensive analysis of the life-cycle cost of our equipment, allowing our customers to compare current costs and make smart business decisions.

IKA case studies

From high street stores to supermarkets, service stations, restaurants and hotels, our IKA team is prepared to assist companies from a wide range of business sectors. Explore the case studies from our key accounts to see how we can tailor our serves to help your company succeed.

High street store

At Daikin, we understand the positive impact of creating a year-round comfortable climate in your store for your customers. That's why we offer a combination of products and services to strengthen the operational performance and comfort level of your store, while minimising energy costs.


Supermarkets and food retail stores have very specific needs in terms of heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration. Not to mention, energy costs also play a very important role as well. IKA can serve as your go-to partner to oversee all installations and track your store's overall energy consumption.

Supermarket case study

IKA Case Supermarket
IKA Case Service Stations

Service stations and convenience stores

Small to medium spaces with high visitor traffic and long opening hours usually means multiple needs for HVAC-R equipment. The smaller the selling space, the smaller the turnover and the more important the operation costs. Learn how we tailor our refrigeration and heat recovery products to suit service stations and convenience stores.

Service station case study

Convenience store case study


Hot water can be produced in many ways, but it’s not every case that hot water is recognised as sustainable. A heat pump can not only produce sustainable hot water, but it can also take care of your heating and cooling load. Discover how we helped a world-renowned restaurant chain optimise their business practices.

Restaurant case study

IKA case restaurant


Daikin provides innovative, premium quality climate management, heating and refrigeration solutions to meet the changing needs of the hotel sector professionals, while ensuring the ultimate in comfort for guests.

Hotels case study

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More information

For more information or inquiries about the IKA team, please contact:

Daikin Europe N.V. - Brussels Office

Chaussée de Mons 1424
1070 Anderlecht - Belgium

Tel.: +32 2 529 61 24

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