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Providing efficient solutions within a refurbishment project involving a hospital

Daikin recently supplied chillers to a Spanish refurbishing project that included a hospital. The project was carried out as part of a program that aims to improve the building’s energy efficiency and minimize its environmental impact.





Total cooling capacity: 4MW


The solution

For this project, Daikin provided 3 screw inverter chillers, two water-cooled chillers, and one air-cooled chiller to replace the old non inverter units in the HVAC system of the hospital. Thanks to the installation of more advanced technology, Daikin met the efficiency targets, helping to achieve energy savings, reduce operating costs, and cut CO2 emissions by 25%.

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To achieve these goals, the project required an environmentally friendly HVAC concept. The solution was Daikin chillers with R-1234ze HFO refrigerant which have set the new standard for environmentally friendly cooling systems as they have a GWP (global warming potential) 200 times lower than R-134a. The energy efficiency targets were met by combining R-1234ze refrigerant with Daikin’s single screw compressors technology.

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The bigger picture

Besides energy efficiency, reliability was another very important aspect as the chillers needed to also provide cooling for the laboratories and technical equipment. So, having a reliable solution was fundamental to ensuring both the comfort and process cooling needs of the hospital were met.

Daikin’s screw inverter technology definitely helped with reliability. The company has a history of leadership in the field of single screw compressor chillers, which have been installed all over the world over the past 20 years.

Compared to a standard screw compressor, the Daikin single screw compressor uses one main screw that meshes with twin star rotors to produce a volume matching compression cycle. Due to the main rotor, which is balanced in both the radial and axial directions, the compressor bearing has an extremely high level of reliability. Therefore, it has a longer lifespan. Furthermore, Daikin’s single screw compressor only has three moving parts which reduces the possibility of failures and keeps operation costs low.


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