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Stylish optimised for heating

Optimised for heating 

Innovation meets creativity, even at -30°C 

Why you should choose Stylish

Suits your interior

Enjoy the combination of gracious design and advanced technology. With its curved corners and thin dimensions, Stylish provides elegance at home. 

Reliable performance and top efficiency

You want a solution you can rely on. Stylish is engineered to perform in the coldest of winters, with efficiency values up to A+++, even at temperatures down to -30°C. 

Exceptional comfort

With its intelligent features, Stylish is everything you need to create a cosy haven at home, no matter how cold it is outside. 

Smart climate control

Easily manage Stylish with the user-friendly remote control or from anywhere at any time with the intuitive Onecta app on your smart devices. 

Design that suits your interior

A wall-mounted air conditioner always has a visual impact. We know. That’s why we innovate in a creative way. The result? Stylish, an indoor unit with a curved design, and two colours to choose from. 


Award-winning design


Stylish has the looks. Beautiful and intelligent design that suits your interior, awarded with three prestigious awards. 


Available in 2 colours: white and matt black

A compact and functional design suitable for all interiors.


Stylish FTXTA-CW 

White Daikin Stylish Unit

Stylish FTXTA-CB 

Black Daikin Stylish Unit
Detailed close-up from a stylish unit

Stylish design

  • Users can choose from three distinct colours (white, silver and blackwood)
  • Curved corners create an unobtrusive and space-saving design
  • Thin dimensions make it the most compact design unit on the market
  • Simple panel enables variation in texture and colour to easily blend into any room

Intelligent technology

Enjoy the best in comfort and energy efficiency thanks to innovative technologies such as a low-noise fan, smart thermal sensors, and intelligent room temperature distribution.

Intelligent features for more comfort

With its intelligent features, Stylish is everything you need to create a cosy haven at home and to enjoy ultimate comfort even in the coldest of winters. 

Fireplace logic

As soon as your room reaches the set temperature due to a secondary heat source, the fireplace logic function starts automatically. Stylish stops heating, but the fan keeps rotating to distribute the hot air across the room. 

Heat boost

To increase your comfort, the unit quickly heats the room when starting up, ensuring the set temperature is reached faster. 

heat house
intelligent thermal sensor

Intelligent thermal sensor

Stylish uses an intelligent thermal sensor to detect a room’s temperature. Then it distributes the air evenly throughout the room before switching to an airflow pattern that directs warm and cool air to areas that need it. 

Optimised air distribution

Experience great comfort at home. The Coanda effect optimises the airflow for better temperature distribution throughout the room. When in heating mode, the flaps direct air downwards, while in cooling mode, they move air upwards. 

diagram about the quiet stylish unit

Whisper quiet operation

Experience acoustic comfort. You can hardly hear the unit in operating mode. Stylish uses a specially designed fan to optimise the airflow for higher energy efficiency at low sound levels. 

Better air quality

You spend 90% of your time indoors. Thanks to Flash Streamer technology, Stylish captures dust particles, breaks down allergens, and removes bothersome odours, providing better and cleaner air. That’s how Stylish keeps your home healthy. 


Not at home? No problem. With the Onecta app you can easily manage your optimised heating solution with a tap on the screen. The intuitive app on your smartphone gives you instant ac-cess to various features, so you easily adjust settings from anywhere at any time.

With voice control (Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant), you can manage main functions such as operation mode, temperature, fan speed, and much more. 



You expect your air conditioner to perform, even when it’s extremely cold outside. Rely on Stylish for best-in-class performances, with seasonal efficiency values up to A+++ in heating (and cooling). Real energy saving, even at temperatures down to -30°C. 

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