Water-cooled VRV

Water-cooled VRV

By using water as a heat source, it achieves maximum heat recovery potential, and is ideal for high rise buildings.


Geothermal operation

Significantly reduce your CO2 emissions and take advantage of renewable energy from the ground. Our water-cooled VRV uses geothermal energy to heat and cool your building, making it ideal for BREAAM, LEED, ... certification. The ground temperature remains stable throughout the year, so this is a reliable solution for areas with extreme weather conditions.


Energy savings by 2-stage heat recovery

With a water-cooled system you achieve the maximum heat recovery potential, as all systems are interlinked with a single water loop. This heat recovery results in a higher energy efficiency and energy savings.

Invisible from the street

Engineered for indoor installations, your water-cooled VRV integrates seamlessly with your architecture and is unvisible from the street. This unit is the lightest available on the market, ideal for stacking, saving on space. Ideal for use in a floor-by-floor configuration, you lower refrigerant amounts, easily complying to EN378.

Invisible from the street
Daikin | Water-cooled VRV zero-heat dissipation principle

Minimum space required for technical rooms

The most compact units in the market feature a unique zero-heat dissipation principle that obviates the need for ventilation or cooling in the technical room. The room size can be reduced and no additional cooling sources are needed, giving maximum flexibility to the placement of the technical room.

Complete HVAC solution for your building

They may be discreet, but the VRV IV W+ series stand out when it comes to the benefits they deliver.
Easily connectable to a selection of stylish indoor units, hot water hydro-boxes, Biddle air curtains and ventilation units, the VRV IV W+ series offers a complete solution for your building. It will create the perfect indoor climate with comfort thanks to the Daikin VRV IV features, such as the Variable Refrigerant Temperature.

Daikin | Water-cooled VRV with HVAC solution

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