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Use your air conditioner efficiently

5 tips for optimal performance

5 tips to get the most out of your air conditioner

Looking to get the most out of your air conditioner at the lowest possible energy consumption? We listed five handy tips to get you started. First things first: start off by choosing the right air conditioning capacity for your space.

Bedroom with a Daikin air conditioner

1. Close windows and doors

Always close windows and doors when using an air conditioner to keep the indoor temperature stable. For example, make sure the bathroom door is closed when someone is showering to avoid that the warm, moist air doesn't make its way into the room with the air conditioner.



2. Keep the set temperature stable

Some people turn on the air conditioner to its most aggressive cooling mode to achieve instant results. However, that is very rarely the most effective way to use your unit. Rather, set your unit at a stable temperature - for example 21°C. This will ensure a constant and comfortable home environment while allowing your air conditioner to maintain a constant temperature without having to go all-out.



3. Get ahead of the heat

Turn your air conditioner on before the heat hits. This way the unit doesn't have to work as hard – saving you lots of energy in the long run. Alternatively, use a timer to activate the unit right before you arrive: the perfect way to ensure coming home to the perfect temperature.




4. Clean the filters

To keep your air conditioner working comfortably and efficiently, it is important to clean and maintain the filters at least once a year. This way, you can keep the efficiency of the unit at its high level.


5. Take care of your outdoor unit

The outdoor unit is the heart of the air conditioning system, therefore it should not be forgotten. Make sure the air inlet and outlet are not obstructed by obstacles or leaves. Have a look at your unit before the start of summer and winter season to ensure its optimal operation.

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